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Completions of Sales CURE

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get in Sales CURE:



  • 1. Learn a belief-shifting method that will change how you see selling and double your chances of success

  • 2. Discover the one secret mindset shift you must make, and make it easily and painlessly

  • 3. Find out how to make your new beliefs stick and start working for you during sales calls and meetings right away

Module 1: Shift your Thoughts with T-BEAR

Module 2: Trade Selling for Serving

Module 3: Turn up the Volume


The CURE Method

  • 1. Master the CURE Method so that you can close more often and easily

  • 2. Frame every call or meeting so that you are in control and have maximum confidence

  • 3. Develop a tried and true sales script using our proven script template


Become a Killer Closer

  • 1. Master the key takeaways from the Sales CURE so you can start using it right away

  • 2. Handle objections like a pro going forward and close the deal

  • 3. Have an effective pricing conversation, and stay confident in what your products and services are worth

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What You Can Expect:
Before and After Sales CURE


  • You aren’t using a sales script on sales calls

  • You’re not sure if you’re good or bad at selling

  • You struggle with overcoming a “no” at the end of your calls

  • You’ve tried to delegate your sales, but ended up doing it yourself again


  • Develop a sales method that can be delgated to your team

  • Have as much confidence around sales as you do with every other part of your business

  • Close more often

  • Teach your team to close

  • Stop hating sales…forever!


Julia Pimsleur has sold over $20M in products and services

Julia Pimsleur is a scaling coach, author, and entrepreneur with a mission of helping one million women get to $1M in revenues. She is the founder of the Million Dollar Women Network, the leading community for high growth women entrepreneurs.

Julia’s passion for working with women entrepreneurs grew out of her own experience as the founder and CEO of Little Pim, one of the few women-led venture capital-backed companies in the U.S. She has raised over $26M in Angel, Venture, and philanthropic dollars and blogs regularly about entrepreneurship, fundraising, and how more women can “go big.”

She is the daughter of language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, as well as an award-winning filmmaker, trained NLP master practitioner coach, and associate professor at Parsons/The New School. She lives in Manhattan with her two sons, speaks French and Italian and is an avid scuba diver.

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Pricing: Speak up and shut up

Have you ever given the price of your product or service and then started justifying it or saying things like "if thats too much, we can always work something out"? Learn how to talk about your pricing with confidence and what the right thing to say is when price is the issue.


The three deadly selling mistakes

There are three deadly selling mistakes that you are probably making during sales calls without even realizing it. In this bonus video I give you the antidote to these three common mistakes and the ability to keep your sale alive.

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